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Poker School

Take your game to the next level with ‘MyGame’!

Currently in Beta mode – MyGame is at present, an English-language-only, personal interactive coach, available to use for cash games. MTT hands will be added into MyGame soon, allowing you to improve your tournament play as well. Different languages will also become available soon!

1) MyGame intro

MyGame is your interactive poker coach, helping you to plug any leaks in your game.

This useful tool allows you to analyse all aspects of your play, based on performances at the NLHE cash game and MTT tables.

A report card, grading performance and offering tips, is generated once you have reached a minimum of 100 hands, but the more you play the more accurate it is! The report card will be generated the next day, and can be found in the portal.

2) Skill Level

Based on Game Theory Optimal strategy, your skill level is determined by five main categories – key stats, stealing & blind defence, 3 and 4 betting, post-flop aggression and showdowns. These categories are further broken down into 25 specific aspects of your play. The scores for each overall category will be aggregated, and your total score will correspond to one of the below levels:

0 - 40%
40.01 – 50%
50.01 – 60%
60.01 – 70%
70.01 – 80%
80.01 – 90%
Elite Pro
Elite Pro:

3) Experience Stars

See if you can achieve an impressive five-star rating! The more hands you play the higher the star (and kudos) you’ll receive:

  • 0 Star – Between 100 – 249 Hands
  • 1 Star - Between 250 – 999 Hands
  • 2 Star – Between 1000 – 4999 Hands
  • 3 Star – Between 5,000 – 9999 Hands
  • 4 Star – Between 10,000 – 24999 Hands
  • 5 Star – Above 25,000 Hands

4) Improve your score

You will receive a grade for each of your key stats, determined by your performance on the tables. If anything less than ‘A –‘is achieved, your interactive coach will offer tailored hints and tips on how to improve that specific area of your game.

Alternatively, check out ‘The Clinic’ and ‘Fundamentals’. These tools allow you to access training courses and content designed to take your game to the next level.

5) Share your skill level

Keep your friends updated on your progress! Share key hands, skill level and more on Facebook.

6) Missions

Improve a specific aspect of your play by taking on a mission!

A mission will only appear if a potential weakness in your game is detected. Simply click "Begin Mission" to improve this aspect of your play.

Once you have successfully completed your mission, you will be in a stronger position to address any other areas of your game suggested by the MyGame Report Card.

Addressing leaks in your play will help you progress through the MyGame levels!

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